Kinshaldy Beach Project

Making a collage of the seaside

Think about a time you visited the sea/coast, try and remember the textures of rocks and sand, of grasses, seaweeds and slimy jelly fish and shiny sea wavy sea. To help you remember find a you tube video of the sound of the sea like this one.

Make a collection of materials that have a similar texture.

Here are some ideas.

Beach; Sandpaper, (different grades), stones and rocks from the garden, reeds and grasses or string.

Sky and sea; clingfilm/plastic bags/soft cloth for the sky crinkles in kitchen foil for the sea.

Find the biggest bit of paper you have or some cardboard from a box for your back-ground, and thin (computer paper) for the rubbings.

You will need wax crayons, coloured pencils or paint.

Scissors and glue.

Tape the material to be rubbed onto a board or the table, lay the thin paper over it, tape this down too so that it doesn’t slip.

Use a soft colouring pencil, wax crayon or paint on a soft pad made from kitchen roll to rub over the texture.

This can take a bit of practice.

Once you have made all your textures stick them onto the background paper to make a seaside collage.

Take your time arranging the papers before sticking them down.

Play your video of the sound of the sea.

Sit back and enjoy your picnic at the beach.

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