Recently completed a series of etchings based on the Storegga Tsunami deposits at Montrose Basin. I wanted to combine what the deposits look like today with the idea of a Tsunami wave hitting the basin around  8000 years ago. I’m interested in what has changed and what has stayed the same about the landscape after sea floods and Tsunamis.

Collograph and Etching

Collograph and Etching

The collograph plate was textured with clay and peat from the tsunami deposits.

Empire and Tree Peonies

Drawing Pink Peonies for the Empire Exhibition at the Rope works Gallery,

Montrose in July and August…….IMG_3677

They are amazing to look at, less amazing to draw but think I’m getting there, the first Peonies arrived from China to the UK in 1795, and a Peony grown from the original plant still grows in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. It took about 20 years to successfully get a plant back from China , the journey took several months at sea often in wild weather and then the plant had to be  propagated  successfully when it got to Kew gardens……interesting stories to tell.


A series of three small paintings about the seasons and farming, highlighting the power of the equinox on early farmers and the influence of the seasons on farming for centuries.Intensive farming and climate change are merging the seasons, which is worrying for the future sustainability of farming and for food security.

Living Field at James Hutton Institute,5000years of agricultural plants

Have been drawing at the Living Field garden since June, it’s a lovely spot although the massive fans in the glass houses mean it’s not very peaceful. Using pen and ink and watercolour to record the medicinal and dye plants and cereals such as Bere Barley, Spelt and  Black Oats.

The challenge is to try and somehow illustrate the story of agriculture and it’s development since the end of the Ice Age! Most recently finding ways of showing the effects of intensive agriculture on the landscape and the soil.

Watercolour and ink

Watercolour and ink

Post cards

Last session in Montrose this Thursday, writing post cards with people from the Day Centre next door.
IMG_1237Lots of tales about beaches all over the world!
Long days with picnics and boiling kettles and swimming in the river when the har came in!
Having to book your caravan a year in advance in order to be sure of a spot for your summer holiday the following year.
Everyone pretty happy with their CECHR pens as they are serious bingo players.
Oh well moving on to other things now….drawing plants and illustrating an e-book. Lots to learn.

Only 2 more weeks left at Montrose Museum

The exhibition continues to grow with lots of new ‘wishes’ on the net…….most people wish for less litter and plastic on the beach, some for warmer water and one to have a
One Direction Concert there!
Later in September I will meet with a group of people who use the Day Care centre next door to write some postcards with their beach memories. Which I hope to add to the Project Album.

Memories of salmon fishing at the beach

We showed the 1930s film about salmon fishing at St Cyrus to a steady stream of visitors and local people.
It was great to hear locals explain the fishing methods being used and share details of boat building and personal experiences of fishing in all weathers with visitors from all over the world.
The stories from the day have been recorded in the album at the museum but this one is worth sharing.

Salmon Sandwiches

A St Cyrus resident remembers as a teenager being aware that the fishermen might take a couple of salmon home for the pot to celebrate the New Year.
Salmon were slipped in to their waders on the walk back from the beach and salmon sandwiches served in style after ‘the bells’!