A series of three small paintings about the seasons and farming, highlighting the power of the equinox on early farmers and the influence of the seasons on farming for centuries.Intensive farming and climate change are merging the seasons, which is worrying for the future sustainability of farming and for food security.

Living Field at James Hutton Institute,5000years of agricultural plants

Have been drawing at the Living Field garden since June, it’s a lovely spot although the massive fans in the glass houses mean it’s not very peaceful. Using pen and ink and watercolour to record the medicinal and dye plants and cereals such as Bere Barley, Spelt and  Black Oats. The challenge is to tryContinue reading “Living Field at James Hutton Institute,5000years of agricultural plants”

Only 2 more weeks left at Montrose Museum

The exhibition continues to grow with lots of new ‘wishes’ on the net…….most people wish for less litter and plastic on the beach, some for warmer water and one to have a One Direction Concert there! Later in September I will meet with a group of people who use the Day Care centre next doorContinue reading “Only 2 more weeks left at Montrose Museum”

Memories of salmon fishing at the beach

We showed the 1930s film about salmon fishing at St Cyrus to a steady stream of visitors and local people. It was great to hear locals explain the fishing methods being used and share details of boat building and personal experiences of fishing in all weathers with visitors from all over the world. The storiesContinue reading “Memories of salmon fishing at the beach”