This is a series of images showing how a small painting developed from an example used in class. I had looked in my photos for a hill to help with my drawing but adding the tree and the cottage made it a bit more interesting. I was able to scratch the watercolour from the gesso to help with drawing. Building up thin layers and wiping them off with a cotton bud to create highlights.

Beautiful Roots

Making paper from plant materials and printing images of roots and root sections onto the paper.

turnip_9117A latex cast of a turnip plant, the roots are so fine that they became completely coated in the latex however the plant is now more robust and easy to handle.I plan to use the latex cast to make a photo sensitive etching plate. And print from that as the cast is very fragile.

The Turnip Project

Turnips grown from seed in hydroponics.

Turnips grown from seed in hydroponics.


Baby turnips grown in hydroponics over two weeks at the James Hutton Institute. Planning to press them into plant papers, or collage them into prints. Roots are very fine and needed to be floated onto paper so that I could spread them .

I am currently casting larger roots grown over 6 weeks with thin layers of latex which I can then use as a mould for casting plant papers.latex-cast


Recently completed a series of etchings based on the Storegga Tsunami deposits at Montrose Basin. I wanted to combine what the deposits look like today with the idea of a Tsunami wave hitting the basin around  8000 years ago. I’m interested in what has changed and what has stayed the same about the landscape after sea floods and Tsunamis.

Collograph and Etching

Collograph and Etching

The collograph plate was textured with clay and peat from the tsunami deposits.